This is what I was thinking…

Hello all,

I was thinking we could use this wordpress account as a sort of forum.  This theme seems to be pretty amenable to this.

I am new to the whole ‘blogging’ thing, but I think I have found an easy way yo do this.

First things first you will need to sign up for a wordpress account. Go to and click the icon that says sign up. Fill out the required information. It is not necessary to set up a blog; you can just enter your email and get a username. Once you have done this you must add yourself as an administrator to the beerblaster account. Using the name and password that I sent, go to edit profile. On the sidebar you will see Users (it is towards the bottom).  From here you can then add your email, and in the dropbox mark administrator. Now you will be able to make posts.

I am pretty sure that all of this only requires that you leave your email.