Look-alike question

Hello everyone,

Here is a chance to settle a long-standing (for like more than 24 hours) dispute between Susie and I.

Does Breckin Meyer look like Noah Wyle?

To keep things scientific, try and give your answer from 0 (they don’t look any more alike than two average white middle-aged actors) to 10 (they are the exact same person with two different identities).

Here is some internet evidence to help you with your decision:

On the imdb movie forums, ‘TrmptSweetie2004’ writes:

I get them confused in some movies…if you don’t know who he is..look him up and check out his pics on google. I didn’t even think that he looked like Noah, but i see how they do look a lot a like. 🙂

However, ‘claired80’ from the Noah Wyle Fan Board disagrees, posting:

One supposedly ‘look-alike’ I never understood is Breckin Meyer??? Some people seem to say he soooo much looks like Noah, and I even saw one website posting a picture of Meyer with his kids saying it was Noah (before someone commenting corrected the blogger ::) ). I really don’t get it at all…

Breckin Meyer + Noah Wyle