You should really watch this

Maybe everyone except me already knows this, but I found out that the movie funky monkey actually exists. I found this description of it on the internet:

The story is about Alec McCall, a spy, who teams up with Clements, a chimp, to save the day. He has a change of heart when his boss, Flick, turns out to be bad and wants to perform experiments on the monkey. These experiments are to create monkey soldiers for the highest bidder. McCall takes Clements away on the run to his hometown where they meet a genius boy named Michael. Michael wants to impress a girl by playing on the football team. The coach (Jeffrey Tambor) allows him on the team only if he tutors the star players who are on the brink of being kicked off due to bad grades. Meanwhile Flick sends his goons out to find the monkey. Michael’s single mom, a computer programmer, has her eye on McCall. After the goons fail to get the monkey, Flick goes to get Clements himself by breaking in and poisoning Clements and Michael. Flick takes them back to his headquarters so the doctor can perform his experiments. McCall rescues them and they head back for the Homecoming football game. Michael hopes to play in order to impress the cheerleader he likes. Soon the bad guys show up and dress as football players to play in the game and get Clements. Clements and McCall join the team to stop Flick from winning. Michael wins the game and Flick is arrested. Michael gets the girl and McCall gets Michael’s mom. The movie ends with hope for the future.