Prick of the Plains or Penis of the Prairie

Since I am headed to Nebraska next week to visit my grandpa, and some aunts, uncles, and cousins, (and I hear Taylor is visiting in October), I thought I would share my favorite building with you.

The Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska
It an absolutely gorgeous art deco designed building. I seriously love this building. The light is incredible, and I love art deco, what can I say? All the murals and mosaics are incredible and full of symbolism and history. Plus, for you politicos, Nebraska only has a unicameral (they got rid of the their state house soon after the capitol was built). There are the famous shuttered doors to the state representative chambers, as only the senate is used now.

However, as beautiful as the building is, it kind of looks like a giant penis rising from the plains. On top of the long tall tower (shaft?), there is a dome, and upon the dome, a statue. The statue is of “the Sower,” sowing his seed upon the great Cornhusker state for abundant crops to grow… presumably.