Mary and Gerard Butler

For those that are not on facebook, here’s an update. I have a new job and a new co-worker who works in the cubicle next to me to help answer phones 3 days a week. She’s hilarious. Her name is Mary. She is 66 years old and answered an attendance phone line at a middle school for 25 years. The first day we talked about our love of Ryan Gosling. The next few days she talked about other things (Thunder from Down Under, Italian men grabbing her butt, etc. –though she mostly talks about her kids, grandkids, her husband, and playing the lottery)

Today, she talked at lunch about how she was on the Ellen DeGeneres show awhile back. On the day of the taping, she was randomly picked to be featured in a pre-show rally warm-up for the crowd. Well, Ellen thought she was great (because she is), and then singled her out when Gerard Butler came out on stage for the interview. You can see Mary in the video below. Once around :55 seconds, then again around 5:25 when Gerard runs into the crowd and gives her a hug. While you can’t hear it on the microphone, according to her story, she told him, “you smell so nice!”

When I got home today, I grabbed a beer, and immediately had to find this. This pretty much made my week.